L. Andrew Huff, MD, MPH

American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology Board Certified: Psychiatry & Forensic Psychiatry

American Board of Preventive Medicine: Aerospace Medicine (2003-2023)

Clinical Focus Areas

  • Depression

  • Anxiety Disorders

  • Occupational problems

  • Gay, lesbian, and bisexual issues

  • Interpersonal/relationship problems

  • Cross cultural (especially Spanish/Latino) and racial issues

  • Aviation psychiatry (not accepting HIMS evaluations)

  • Forensic psychiatry

My Approach to Treatment

My approach involves working with you to:

  • Understand your hopes, dreams and aspirations.

  • Gain an appreciation for how feelings, thoughts and fantasies drive disappointment, sadness, anxiety, and behaviors that often don’t help.

  • Determine whether psychotherapy or a combination of psychotherapy and medication may help.

  • Consider other medical problems that may affect emotional health.

  • Work together over time to improve your ability to live life more fully, love more deeply, grow emotionally, and find inner peace.

About My Services

I provide individual psychotherapy every week or every two weeks. When appropriate, I prescribe medication while an individual is in therapy. When therapy ends, another prescriber (often a primary care provider) must take over medication management.

I had the benefit of my own psychoanalysis during my psychiatry residency. This experience taught me to listen to what comes out in sessions and what is consciously unavailable. Interpretation of both historic and current life events shifted from outside the office to what happened in the therapy between us. This is the means by which psychotherapy changes distorted ways of thinking about yourself and the world around you.

Treatment always starts with a careful 75-minute initial consultation. You will leave this session with a better idea of what some of the core issues are and avenues to address them. I do not always conclude that medication will be helpful. This initial consultation will help us decide a way forward.

Psychotherapy sessions are 45-50 minutes and the minimum frequency is every two weeks.

Call, text, or email to for a consultation.

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