Occupational and Military

L. Andrew Huff, MD, MPH

Board Eligible in Occupational Medicine

Occupational and Military Psychiatry

Occupational Medicine focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of work-related injures and illnesses. My skills focus on psychiatric conditions that result from work stress or a work injury.

Military occupational psychiatry encompasses the breadth of military life: high operational tempo, military relocations, family stresses, deployment and combat. The military lifestyle can involve loss of control over various aspects of one’s life.

With 34 years of military service, including twelve years as a Colonel with significant supervisory responsibilities, I've learned a lot about both military service and personal challenges of civil service employment.

I’ve done reports recommending temporary disability, return to work, qualification for military service, and designation of an emotional support animal. I've also evaluated people who needed waivers for enlistment/commissioning.

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